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L10B Telemetry Data Processing Unit


The L10B Telemetry Data Processing unit is a SCSI based peripheral unit designed and manufactured by Berkeley Camera Engineering. The L10B utilizes the SCSI-DSPX board in a 5 1/4 sized box. It is capable of transmiting byte data to and from RS 422 data and clocking signals, and DMA's into the DSP's Sram which is then buffered out and sent to the SCSI bus or back across the RS 422 port.

The following literature is available on the L10B

SCSI-DSPX User manual in Microsoft WORD format. (.doc)

Appendix A SCSI DSP Archetecture in Postscript format. (.ps)

Appendix B SCSI-MON in Postscript format. (.ps)

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